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Developing Android Home Screen Widgets

May 24th, 2011 19 comments
In this article, I’ll be showing you how to create a widget for the Android homescreen. Widgets can be useful to provide condensed information, without necessarily having to open your application. In addition to showing information, a widget can also be used to trigger certain actions related to your application. Instead of forcing the user to open up your application and navigating to a certain screen to perform an action, a widget can provide the user with a quick shortcut to that action. You can also dynamically change the layout of your widget (ex: when the user presses a button, the button can be highlighted, or a piece of text can altered). This article is accompanied by a sample android application that includes the widgets we’ll be discussing here.

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New way to create test users in Facebook

May 7th, 2011 3 comments


As mentioned in the Facebook developer docs, test users can only be created using a call to the Graph API.
As described in my previous Facebook article, a dedicated webpage was available at the time to create test users, however, that page has been brought offline. 

You can create a test user associated with a particular app using the Graph API with your app access token.

However, before we’ll be able call this API, we first need to retrieve an Access Token for our application.

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