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Latify – a feature-rich Google Latitude client

February 3rd, 2011 No comments
Google Latitude is a free service from Google that allows you to share your current location with a selected number of your Google contacts. It also allows you to record your past location changes, and provides you with a dashboard view of your recently visited places. Google Latitude can be used from either a desktop application, or from your mobile phone. Google Latitude is well integrated in most Android phones. Through an extension on the Google Maps application, integration with Latitude is seamless. However, there are a couple of features that are missing in Google Latitude on Android phones, and that’s where Latify tries to fill in the gap.

Latify is an Android client for Google Latitude. With Latify, you can continuously update your current position when on the move or stationary. Even when you’re not online, Latify can sync up your location movements with Google Latitude once back online.┬áLatify can be configured to update your location based on GPS positioning, even when running in the background. It also allows you to view and manipulate your history location stored at the Google Latitude servers.┬áLatify uses OAuth for secure authorization and does not capture your password when logging into Google. All you need is a Google account, and a Latitude setup and you’re ready to go.

Included below are some of the Latify features

  • Record and sync your location changes in real-time to Google Latitude.
  • No need to have Latify running in the front.
  • Visualize & replay your location history on a map
  • Remove incorrect / redundant history entries
  • Re-publish your last known location at user-defined intervals when no GPS signal is available
  • Configure Latify to send an update of your last known location every minute, half hour , hour ,
  • Store your location updates on your phone without sending them to Latitude in realtime.
  • Push your location updates in one shot to Latitude (ex: when a WIFI connection is available)

Android Latify

Android Latify

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